domingo, 29 de julho de 2012

Tony R. Clef : Core 'ngrato (Ungrateful Heart) (Neapolitan Song by Salvatore Cardillo)

"Core 'ngrato" (Ungrateful Heart aka "Catari")
Music by Salvatore Cardillo
One of the most famous of the Neapolitan songs recorded by every tenor you care to name. It was written in 1911 for Enrico Caruso (according to wikipedia). I took my version from a live recording here on youtube of Giuseppe di Stefano with piano.

My favorite recording of this is on Franco Corelli's album named simply enough "Franco Corelli sings Neapolitan Songs". The orchestrations on that album, by Franco Ferraris, are spectacular.

My arrangement. Learned by ear. I have nothing written down.
Taylor NS54-ce, hybrid classical
Drop-D tuning
D'addario Pro Arte normal tension nylon strings

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